What problem does it solve?

When wisdom teeth cannot erupt normally because they are hindered by the maxillary bones, extraction is recommended. In other cases, wisdom teeth grow at a wrong angle, pushing on the adjacent tooth, often causing pain, swelling and malocclusion problems.

Each person has a different experience with wisdom teeth. For some people, wisdom teeth erupt without any problems, for others, their eruption causes much pain and discomfort and in some cases causes inflammation or infection to develop.

Problems with wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth are located at the bottom of the dental arch and are also called third molars. They are the last teeth to break out and they usually do it around 18-25 years.

When they are not in the right position or when they do not have enough space to erupt, they could only partially do so by creating a space where bacteria can accumulate. If these areas are not cleaned properly they can become infected.

The symptoms of wisdom tooth inflammation are different: 

  • Facial swelling
  • Pain in the mouth or jaw
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth

Extraction of wisdom teeth

Usually the extraction of the wisdom tooth is performed when the area is not inflamed. If your face is swollen and the area of ​​the wisdom tooth is very painful, the dentist in Ashok Viharcould only do a check. It is also possible that it is necessary to take a panoramic X-ray and an antibiotic may be present in order to reduce inflammation and to postpone extraction until the area is less inflamed.

  • If the tooth is completely erupted, it is usually removed by the dentist. The treatment is usually fast and is performed under local anesthesia.
  • If the wisdom tooth is growing in the wrong direction or is not completely erupted, the extraction will be more complex and will be performed by the oral surgeon in Ashok Vihar. Also in this case the extraction will be done under local anesthesia, in some cases it will be necessary to divide the tooth into several parts and stitches could be applied.


What to do after the wisdom tooth extraction? 

After extracting the wisdom tooth, pay attention to the extraction area. These are some rabbits for a quick shoot:

  • Do not clean, rinse or spit on the day of extraction
  • Clean the extraction area from the third day with a soft toothbrush
  • Do not consume alcohol for the 3 days following the extraction
  • Avoid large physical forces and sports
  • Avoid hot, spicy or crunchy foods for a week

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