“ We follow Strict and modern sterilization protocol.”

It is the mission of Dental Solutions to provide the highest quality dental care in a trusting and caring environment. We strive to educate our patients so a lifetime optimal oral health care can be achieved and maintained.

The source of water for our dental clinic is distilled water which removes any chances of contamination.Our friendly and competent staff is dedicated to patient comfort and quality of care. We provide the best and latest dental technology and treatment options.

Why are we different?

– We offer hi-tech treatment
– We are clean and Hygenic
– Our prices are affordable
– We have a standard pricelist
– Complete transparency in treatment
– We have the best systems

Why choose Dental Care at Dental Solutions?

We believe that treatment, preventive care and training are crucial and inseparable elements of excellence in dental practice. With this in mind, we offer treatment of existing problems, as well as preventive and cosmetic dentistry. On your first consultation you will receive a full diagnosis of your dental health and a full, personalized treatment plan with our digital full mouth x-ray (OPG).

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