People who suffer from gum smile may be uncomfortable with themselves and others. There are several methods to correct the blemish.

It can be more or less accentuated, depending on the case. It should not be underestimated compared to the most common dental pathologies, because it acts above all on a psychological level worsening self-esteem: we examine the gum smile and the main solutions to correct it.

What is the gum smile

The gum smile is a rather common blemish in the mouth , characterized by excessive exposure of the gums of the upper dental arch. In English it is called gummy smile , a definition commonly entered in the Italian language. We must remember that gum in English means “gum” but also “gum”, and this name may indeed recall the “gummy smile” of patients with an abundant presence of rosy soft tissues.

People who suffer from gum smile, or gummy smile , have a high smile line that inevitably exposes the gums too much.

What does the gum smile depend on? Among the main causes of this disorder, there are:

  • the complete failure of the eruption of the teeth , or altered passive eruption;
  • the short upper lip ;
  • the accentuated prominence of the maxillary bone ;
  • l ‘ hyperactivity of the levator muscles of the upper lip .


The gum smile in children

Even children can suffer from a gum smile. In these cases, before seeking causes and solutions to correct the imperfection during childhood, it is preferable to wait until the natural path of growth and development of the small patient’s jaw bones is completed .

Why is a gum smile a problem?

Especially in adults the gum smile is a problem not to be overlooked if it becomes a cause of anxiety and embarrassment in the relationship with oneself and with others: those who are afraid of smiling, in fact, do not live peacefully.

In general, people with gum smiles tend not to smile because they are unsure of their appearance, although they can often boast perfect white teeth. The gum smile, in fact, has nothing to do with the health of the teeth and mouth ; on the contrary, it is an aesthetic problem.

Those who suffer from gum smile may be uncomfortable because they know they do not have an ideal smile.

The characteristics of a natural smile

A beautiful smile is a spontaneous smile that conveys self-confidence. A healthy smile is characterized by white and regular dental arches, without overlapping, malpositions and spaced teeth

There must be a harmony between the pink aesthetics of the gum and the white aesthetics of the teeth . White and pink, in essence, must be proportionate to give life to a natural smile.

The color of the dental enamel, the shape of the teeth and the appearance of the lips in relation to the shape and symmetry of the face are factors that affect the beauty of the smile.

We can all take care of our smile with careful oral hygiene, moisturizing and protecting the lips and fixing regular appointments with the dentist. In case we are not satisfied with our smile, we can ask for a visit to evaluate any corrections.

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How to correct the gum smile?

To correct the gum smile, contact a specialist who has the task of restoring balance and proportion to the visible parts of the teeth and gums.

The solution can be with or without surgery . Let’s start with the latter option, which is the least invasive.

Correct the gum smile without surgery

After a careful visit, if the specific case allows it, you can choose not to subject the patient to surgery and correct the gum smile through orthodontics, which involves the application of the devices , even invisible, to cure the malposition. of the teeth and consequently the excessive development of the gums.

The alternative to these methods is a small surgical procedure.

Correct the gum smile with surgery

The specialist appeals to periodontal plastic surgery, a discipline that mainly deals with aesthetic correction of the gingiva, to correct the most advanced cases of gum smile.

The surgery, performed with local anesthesia, involves lowering the gingiva and in some cases a small part of the bone supporting the teeth. In fact, the operation aims at repositioning the gingival tissues.

In addition, in some cases the doctor can also evaluate aesthetic medicine: also called smile therapy because of its positive effects on the person’s self-esteem, he uses botulinum injections to relax the levator muscles of the upper lip to cover in part overexposed gums.

The patient who relies on a serious dental practice has the certainty of receiving advice and treatments suited to their specific condition .

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