At Delhi Dental Solutions, a dental clinic in Ashok Vihar, we offer dental care for children, from the preventive examination to the treatment of caries through the application of fluoride.

During regular follow-ups, we check the condition of the teeth and the growth of your child’s mouth. Problems with teeth and jaws are detected early and can be corrected in time.

Hospitality and communication are very important in pedodontics, in order to reassure the child and to put him in trust with regard to the care that will be given him by the pedodontist. If a child is well on their first dental treatments, they will be more likely to take care of their oral health throughout their lives.

The main pathologies of the child:

  • Tooth decay is the most common. It develops faster in children than in adults. In toddlers, “bottle decay” damages the first teeth of children who drink milk or fruit juice at bedtime or at night.
  • Gum abscesses , which can come from the growth of a milk tooth.

It is sometimes necessary to put a prosthesis on the tooth of a child, if it is very damaged. This preformed crown is called a pedodontic cap.


We recommend the first visit to the dentist in Ashok Viharwithin six months after the eruption of the first teeth or at the age of one year. Thus, your child tames our environment early and establishes a relationship of trust with the dentist. From the first visit, our attentive team ensures that your child feels well.


After cleaning the teeth, applying fluoride helps fortify tooth enamel. This process has important benefits for children’s dental health, including helping to prevent cavities.


The application of sealants is an easy and fast treatment that does not require anesthesia. The sealing of pits and fissures serves to seal the hollows and furrows of molars that easily trap food residues and bacteria.

Sealing pits and fissures is a preventative treatment that, combined with good dental hygiene, helps protect your child’s teeth from decay.


Primary teeth (or baby teeth) are not only used to eat, they play an important role in the eruption of adult teeth. If a primary tooth is removed too early, it may cause movement of the adjacent teeth and prevent the permanent tooth from pushing properly.

Damaged or decayed teeth can also affect your child’s health and esteem.

That’s why you have to repair a decayed or broken tooth, even if it will fall later.

Finally, the early fall of the baby teeth or the late growth of the definitive teeth may require the installation of a specific dental appliance.

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