Dental implants in Delhi

Do you find yourself covering your mouth when you talk or when you smile because you don’t want others to notice your problem? Or have you lost more teeth by now and do you want to finally remedy your situation? Don’t worry, there are various ways to replace missing teeth.

The teeth are very important and a beautiful smile is immediately noticeable. Neglected tooth decay , trauma and pyorrhea can cause the loss of one or more teeth . If you have this problem you know how embarrassing it is. Not only does it create problems when you have to eat, but it is a source of embarrassment to other people.

Let’s see immediately what are the techniques for replacing missing teeth.

How to replace missing teeth

The ideal solution is implantology because it allows to obtain the best results both on a functional and aesthetic level.

What is the intervention? The dentist will proceed to place one or more artificial roots that will replace the missing teeth. This is an absolutely painless operation (less than a devitalization or an extraction).

The immediate load plant

The immediate loading implant in particular allows the fixed teeth to be applied directly after the insertion of the implants, so that the patient can return home immediately with new teeth. It is possible, in a single session, to insert the implant and even 10 or more fixed teeth if necessary.

For those who have lost all their teeth, it is possible to proceed with the techniques called All-on-four or All-on-six. These interventions allow the insertion of four or six implants at a time, on which a fixed prosthesis will then rest immediately. In practice they allow replacing an entire dental arch in an operation.

The best dentist in Ashok Vihar adopts computer-guided techniques that allow an accurate analysis of the patient’s mouth and consequently guarantee extreme precision at the time of surgery in establishing the precise point where the implant will be positioned. You can count on excellent levels of safety, durability and reliability, achieving optimal results in short times .

If you want to have a perfect smile in a short time, immediate loading implantology is the optimal solution.

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Other solutions

If it is not possible to proceed with a Dental implant, it is possible to study other solutions.

Fixed prosthesis

The fixed prosthesis replaces the missing teeth with stable elements. Among the most common fixed prostheses are the so-called bridges: it replaces one or more missing teeth and is fixed to adjacent teeth that must be previously filed.

Mobile prosthesis
The mobile prosthesis replaces a part of the arch or even the entire dental arch. It is made to be removed and cleaned daily by the patient.

The mobile prosthesis can be:

  • partial: it is formed by a metal structure called a skeleton, which is anchored to natural or artificial teeth (implants) by means of hooks or attachments.
  • total: used when there are no residual teeth. It is an apparatus in resin or composite ( denture ) and can replace one or both dental arches. It rests only on the mucous membranes and on the bone. This is the most economical and least complex solution, even if the masticatory force is reduced and stability can be compromised by gradual bone resorption. The use of innovative materials guarantees the functional and aesthetic validity of the result.
  • combined: it is a removable prosthesis that is however fixed to anchoring devices (usually implants). Being therefore attached to artificial pegs it is more durable, because it does not affect the health and masticatory strength of the patient’s natural teeth.
  • screwed or cemented prosthesis: it is a prosthesis on implants which, however, is screwed or cemented to allow removability.

Whatever your needs, you can contact the dental clinic in Delhi or Dental Implant in Delhi for an assessment of the situation. After a careful and in-depth analysis, using cutting-edge tools, we will be able to advise you on the best alternatives to cure your smile and return you not only an optimal chewing but also the aesthetic result you desire.