Correct separate teeth (diastemas) with dental veneers

That the diastemas or spaces between the teeth , are unsightly and create a visual tension in the observer, is something about which there seems to be unanimous agreement. These diastemas are a clear indication for their closure with dental veneers.

Closure of multiple diastemas with porcelain veneers

The diastemas that we see in this image are a consequence of the malposition of the upper left lateral incisor and the absence of the right upper incisor (whose place has been occupied by a fang). The case we solved with four porcelain veneers and although a careful examination would show perhaps a certain greater width of the teeth, surely very few people, except the professionals, would realize it. In the lower teeth we made composite veneers. All the teeth were bleached before making these restorations.

Closure of a central diastema with composite veneers, after teeth whitening

Different is the case of the single diastema between the two upper central teeth, which even some people value positively from the aesthetic point of view. If this single central diastema is small, we will use composite for its closure as shown in this case. We also did a contouring of the upper centrals and a teeth whitening.

There are people with an interincisive central diastema superior to those who not only do not care about having it, but also it seems an attractive detail and even a sign of distinction.

Over the years, we have seen that these people see their diastema as a peculiar feature that distinguishes them, even to feel such devotion for him that they firmly believe that if they correct him they will fall into a chasm of depersonalization.

This positive assessment of the ” diasthemic smile ” is an opinion that we do not share. In our view, a space between the two central teeth  has a role that can cancel other favorable facial attributes, also widening the face and reducing seriousness to the expression, giving a childish-not youthful-look to its wearer.

Some professionals seem to show a superstitious fear of completely closing a central middle diastema, so they leave a small space as a “memory”. We have never done so, because in our experience, few people long for their diastema once it has been eliminated.


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Correction of central space by four porcelain veneers

On the other hand, when the space is very wide, it will be necessary to resort to the porcelain veneers, also including the neighbouring teeth, in order to maintain an adequate size relation between them. If we did not do it like that and we tried to close the space with only two porcelain veneers, it would result in an exaggeratedly wide central incisor.

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