The dental jewel is a completely aesthetic treatment that consists of placing a small brilliant crystal or some precious stone on a tooth.

Normally it is placed in an upper lateral incisor, since it is more visible when we smile. It is a painless, economical and easy to perform in a single session, which does not cause any damage to the treated tooth because it adheres with a light-curing resin. It can last a long time in the mouth if the patient takes good care of their oral hygiene, and can be removed at any time.

The placement of a dental jewel is an aesthetic treatment in great demand by our patients today, who are looking for part of dental health, beautify their smile to the maximum. It is a small gem that can be made of different materials, from a simple transparent crystal or sapphire blue, to a precious stone like diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

It is an absolutely innocuous, painless and short-term procedure (10-20 minutes), which our patient can perform in a single session in the clinic.

The treatment consists in applying the dental jewel to the chosen tooth, usually in an upper lateral incisor, which are the most visible teeth when smiling.

The brilliant dental is attached to the tooth  using the same principle of union of orthodontic brackets and is coated on one side by a film similar to that used in mirrors, which reflects the brightness and gives a very dazzling look .

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Placement of the dental jewel

  1. In Propdental Clinics we isolate the tooth with a rubber dam.
  2. We clean the tooth surface with brush and polishing paste.
  3. We etched the tooth surface with 37% phosphoric acid for 30 seconds.
  4. We apply the material of union in the tooth and on top the dental jewel (fluid resin), eliminating the excesses.
  5. The dentist photopolymerizes.

The dental jewel has a relatively long duration, depending on the care the patient has. You must have excellent dental hygiene so that bacteria do not accumulate around the bright and last longer in the mouth.

However, if for some reason it is removed, it can be replaced without any problem. The only drawback is that at the time of placing it, the tooth may suffer temporary sensitivity due to the acid used to burn the surface. This sensitivity disappears in a few days.

Finally, if the patient tired of the bright and wanted to remove it, we can do it at any time, since it is attached to the tooth with a substance that does not damage the enamel, without producing any consequences.

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