Dental Crowns

What problem does it solve?

The capsules are ideal for strengthening and protecting teeth that have lost their original function and structure due to severe deterioration or trauma. The capsules cover the entire tooth up to the gum line and are therefore the ideal solution to protect devitalized teeth that would otherwise become fragile over time. The capsules are also used to replace the missing teeth and as a final step the implants are the visible part of the tooth.

The dental crown is a capsule that replaces the visible part of the tooth. The dental crown always has an internal porcelain structure of the same color as the affected tooth to look as natural as possible. In general, a dental crown is used when the visible part of the tooth is damaged and this does not allow correct chewing, but if the root and the entire structure of the tooth are still healthy, extraction can be avoided.

What is a dental crown?

Our clinic offers two different types of dental crowns. The first consists of the standard metal-ceramic crown, while the other is in zirconium and the porcelain that covers it, making it almost completely similar to a natural tooth. Zirconium oxide is a material that is not found in nature but is obtained in the laboratory from the minerals of zirconium. The dental crown in zirconium lasts as long as the metal-ceramic one and greatly facilitates chewing. Generally these crowns are used for the front teeth, for the incisors, as they are more visible, and represent the best solution from the aesthetic point of view.

What should you do to get a dental crown?

A preliminary visit is needed during which our best dentist in Ashok Viharexplain to the patient how much the crown costs and how it intervenes. After this, a first session takes place in which the tooth is cleaned and polished to apply the crown. Once the tooth has been polished, a cast is made to ensure that the dental crown adheres perfectly to the patient’s arch. This is an operation that we can carry out quickly since the dental laboratory is in the next room. We work with our own materials, so we can guarantee that the dental crown will be ready in two weeks at the most. During the waiting period, a temporary crown is applied to the patient and is placed once the tooth is smoothed. The final dental crown is made in the laboratory on the basis of the cast in about ten days. As soon as the dental crown is ready, book an appointment for its final application. It is obvious that the patient has the opportunity to verify the functioning of the dental crown that our specialists are ready to modify if necessary. Once the patient confirms to them that the dental crown is okay, they apply it definitively and he can leave the clinic with a new and perfect tooth both from the functional point of view and from the aesthetic point of view. Book an appointment with Dr. Atul Gupta Dentist in Delhi

How much does a dental crown cost?

Anyone who needs a dental crown does not have to do anything other than contact our customer service by phone or e-mail, our operators are always available to book an appointment with ourdentist in Ashok Vihar.



What problem does it solve?

Dental bridges can be placed on natural teeth or implants. Their primary role is to replace one or more missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is nothing more than a series of connected dental crowns that are used to replace more than one tooth. They are necessary when there are several damaged teeth which, although they can no longer carry out their functions and thus prevent healthy ones from giving rise to proper chewing, have structure and roots that still allow for extraction to be avoided.

Even dental bridges, like crowns, can be made in two different ways and materials. There are metal-ceramic bridges of the same color as natural teeth and a metallic internal structure. The other type is represented by zirconium bridges which, as in the case of crowns, are a bit more expensive but aesthetically more valid. The great advantage of zirconium bridges is that they are practically the same as natural teeth, resistant and perfectly able to perform dental functions.

What should you do to get a dental bridge?

The path is completely identical to that required for the dental crown. Since, in terms of implementation times, building a bridge or building a bridge is the same thing, there are no differences in terms of the number of sessions and with regard to the period of treatment. It starts with a dental examination and continues with the polishing of the teeth to correctly apply the temporary bridge and make the cast. With it, the dental technician has the possibility of creating the most suitable bridge for the patient, able to function like natural teeth. In our clinic the dental office is located next to that of the dentist. The construction of the bridge lasts 10-14 days. Once this operation is completed, the second session is used to fix the bridge.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on dental bridges. Just make a call and our operators will answer your questions, or send an email asking for an appointment.