In Delhi Dental Solutions, we carry out high quality composite fillings of the same color as natural teeth, because the composite does not contain metal, ie it does not cause any allergies.

The dentists of the past made different types of fillings: in amalgam, in gold or in ceramics.Today dental clinic in Ashok Vihar performs composite fillings of the same color as natural teeth. We use this practice to make aesthetic fillings.Composite is the only material that does not contain metal.

In what cases do you need a dental filling?

According to our best dentist in Ashok Vihar, dental fillings are necessary in three cases.

  1. When the filling is required: the tooth is carious

The first is obvious: if you have a decayed tooth or if the caries begins to spread over the surface of the tooth and affects the enamel, you need to intervene. In this case the diseased part must be removed and the cavity formed with this procedure is filled with composite material. Subsequently the clogged tooth is exposed to a blue light source to dry the material used.

  1. When the filling is required: a damaged tooth

The second is when the tooth is healthy but damaged perhaps due to a small accident. In this case it is necessary to close the affected part as soon as possible because the tooth risks falling even if it is not carious. The exposed dental pulp becomes inflamed very easily and this can cause even more serious problems, therefore it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible with a filling.

  1. When the ‘ shutter is required: l ‘ fillings skipped 

The third is when the tooth has already been clogged but for some reason the filling jumps and we have to do it again. Also in this case it is advisable to intervene as soon as possible for the reasons previously explained. But it can also happen that the filling does not jump but becomes old (this happens within 10-15 years) or that a part of it is missing. Many people turn to our dental clinic in Ashok Viharto change an old filling in amalgam of silvery color and not particularly valuable from an aesthetic point of view. Obviously the replacement of a composite filling is not a problem either.

How long do composite fillings last?

The aesthetic fillings last as long as any other filling, but in addition they have the advantage of being the same color as natural teeth, which is why they are more noticeable from an aesthetic point of view. It should be emphasized that they do not have negative effects on health, something that cannot be said of the amalgam fillings used in the past. According to scientific research the latter can cause very serious health problems such as Alzheimer’s. In our dental practice, composite fillings are made at affordable prices, probably at more convenient conditions than any other dental clinic in Ashok Vihar.

Is filling a definitive solution?

It is necessary to take into account the fact that patients’ problems are not always resolved with an aesthetic filling. If caries is very deep or associated with inflammatory processes, the patient may need devitalization, that is, root canal treatment. If the damaged surface of the tooth is too large or too deep, it is advisable to cement inlay of an inlay/onlay or make a crown. The dental clinic in Ashok Viharis at your disposal and is ready to provide assistance, telephone and e-mail information and to book an appointment if necessary.