Orthodontist in Delhi
Our practitioners provide orthodontic treatments that consist of moving the teeth to find a harmonious alignment and correct troublesome dysfunctions in everyday life. Both adults and children can use this dental treatment to improve daily discomfort such as chewing, speech and breathing .

Although it is difficult for many people to take the plunge and consider installing an orthodontic appliance for comfort reasons, more aesthetic and discreet techniques are attracting more and more patients .

Orthodontics in adults

Between the ages of 20 and 70, the adult dental appliance can readjust the placement of the teeth.

Well-aligned teeth facilitate chewing, speech and breathing. Finally, orthodontics ensures better aging of the teeth because brushing is more effective on better positioned teeth.

Possible techniques:

  • Fixed dental  appliance: A dental appliance for adults is fixed with transparent orthodontic brackets. The device is imperceptible to others in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance for the duration of the treatment.
  • Invisible technique: this invisible dental appliance for adults and teenagers is an orthodontic treatment that is removable, discreet, comfortable and preserves the aesthetics of the smile. It uses digital imaging technology to make custom transparent plastic gutters.
    Except for eating and brushing teeth, these gutters are worn continuously for 2 weeks. Gradually the teeth move to adopt the desired end position.
  • Lingual orthodontics: in strong technological evolution in recent years, this treatment is based on computer-aided design and can treat any type of malposition. A totally invisible device is stuck on the inside of the teeth thanks to fasteners. The teeth are interconnected by specially shaped arches. It is a specific treatment that requires a great rigor in the oral hygiene and to respect particular precautions of food.

More flexible and more efficient resin alloys are used for dental appliances in adults. They have the advantage of being both better tolerated and more discreet or invisible.
Stationary devices consist of multi-fastener devices with white wires. Removable devices are made with an alloy with very discreet colors. The aesthetic appearance is preserved for the duration of the treatment.
The price of an adult dental appliance varies according to the needs of the patient. A clear and transparent quote will be made before the treatment.

Orthodontics in children

Orthodontics in children can change the growth of the jaw of children.

Teeth are moved with an orthodontic appliance, allowing them to regain harmonious alignment while improving oral expression and chewing. Dentist in Ashok Vihar diagnose, manage and follow-up orthodontic treatment for children.

Why consult an orthodontist?

You can take your child to an orthodontist in Ashok Vihar when his jaw growth is too slow or too fast, his teeth are misplaced, or he cannot close his mouth due to protruding teeth. After examining, the best dentist in Ashok Viharwill assess the need for appropriate orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatments are rare before 4 years, unless your child has a significant gap between his two jaws. Most often, treatments are applied from 6 years of age following a thumb sucking or extended nipple. There is then a weakness in the development of the maxillary jaw, which results in a too narrow jaw. It also happens that the incisors of the top and the bottom move in an incorrect axis and come out of the mouth, or that an important shift appears between the upper teeth and the lower teeth.

It is essential to take care of dental deformities quickly. Early intervention avoids heavier treatments in adolescence or adulthood.

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Orthodontics in children can accelerate or slow tooth growth, through different treatments, to realign teeth. For children whose final teeth have not yet grown, we use removable resin devices, discreet, with a wire passing in front of the incisors.

These are the devices called “false palates” or “pink palates”. It is also possible to use fixed devices (called rings): they are small metal fasteners glued on the inner or outer side of the teeth.

The orthodontic treatment can be applied to the teeth of the milk or a mixed dentition on which coalesce definitive teeth of milk and teeth.

Prices and costs in child orthodontics vary depending on the treatment implemented, so a clear and transparent quote will be made beforehand.